The Claims Process

Whether you are filing a property damage claim or a business interruption claim, it’s important to understand that the claims process is not as simple as filing a piece of paper, getting inspected and getting a check. In fact, the claims process involves a set of tight deadlines and many requirements that must be met, to the letter and on time, in order for your claim to even be considered by the insurance companies.

A Time-Sensitive Process


One of the biggest mistakes that business owners often make is filing at the last minute. The unfortunate part is that, without turning in paperwork on time, there’s a risk of a claim not even being filed, either because the initial filing is incorrect and there is no time to fix it, or because the claim was submitted too late. This may result in a lengthier battle for your claim.

First, the insurance company requires proof of loss to be submitted within a few days. Once that has been sent, they have a few days to respond. The process continues until a settlement is reached or until the claim is denied. Regardless of the end result, the claim takes a while to go through the system, and if not done correctly, it can be a frustrating and disconcerting endeavor.

How Public Adjusters can Help

While adjusters sent by the insurance company are there to work on behalf of the insurance company, public adjusters are sent to work for you, meeting deadlines well in advance and ensuring that you have a good chance of getting your claim fulfilled.

  • Public adjusters can help you gain some control from the very start by submitting your claim as early as possible.
  • Public adjusters follow your claim closely, ensuring thoroughness and clarity throughout.
  • Public adjusters are experts in policy and laws pertaining to business insurance claims, so they understand well the long list of requirements set forth by the insurance company and are able to meet those requirements.
  • Public adjusters are licensed professionals who use their expertise to get the best possible outcome for your claim.
  • Public adjusters are in your corner — they are not working for the insurance company. They want what is best for you, always.

Why Hire Lightman & Fields?

The public adjusters at Lightman & Fields have been helping business owners file and handle their claims for over 25 years. Knowledgeable, accurate and timely, our adjusters understand the ins and outs of the insurance claims process and they know what to do to get as much as possible for your settlement.

  • Knowledgeable experts with years of experience. Our many years of experience have allohelping-senior-paperworkwed us to work in a variety of situations, giving us the understanding of how the insurance world can work against you during claims processing.
  • Comprehensive support and representation from start to finish. At Lightman & Fields, we give you our very best from damage onset to claim settlement.
  • Access to the latest software and equipment in the industry. We use the latest technology at our disposal to assess all damages and evaluate all parts of the claim.
  • Accurate and expert property appraisals that can ensure a much better outcome for your claim.
  • Licensed professionals ready to put their knowledge to work. We work diligently as licensed professionals to help you level the playing field on your claims processing and ensure that you receive a fair and equitable result.

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