If you think your insurance company helped you take care of your claim, think again! I will never go through a claim with my insurance company without a public insurance adjuster…especially Mark at Lightman & Fields. He knows your insurance policy inside and out and will help you get a lot more than what your insurance company wants to give you. You have to trust these guys next time you have a claim with your insurance company!

Wilson D. Enriquez

The chances of you getting what you have payed for from an Insurance Company is almost none without a public insurance adjuster to help you. Mark Lightman negotiated with the insurance company for us and didn’t let the insurance company reduce our claim. They wanted to patch up our floor, instead Lightman and Fields got them to replace out whole wooden floor. Great work and thank you

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Fantastic Service, I was having trouble beleiving I was ever going to get my water damage repaired as per my policy. I was being offered not much at all. Lightman and Fields Public Adjusters took over negotiating with the insurance company and suddenly we got our damage corrected. Thanks great job!

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Hurricane Frances caused water/mold damage. I got 3 estimates at 80K each. My first pulic adjuster got 18K from Citizens. I gave them their fee and fired them. I was able to get another 58K from them after several phone calls per day for nearly a year. I met Mark Lightman just shy of four years (statute of limitation is 4 years) from the storm. He said he would take a look at it and i signed up. Literally within a few days I had a check for another 18K. Wish I had called them first, it would have save alot of aggravation.

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No Need To Fear When Lightman & Fields is Here!!! Life Savers!!!

Jamie Vasquez

Lightman & Fields do not give up until the maximum settlement figure is reached and that makes a world of difference when you’re trying to recover from a kitchen fire. Thanks Mark!


A Public Adjuster is the only adjuster specifically licensed by the State of Florida to represent you, the Insured.  Lightman and Fields belong to the State Association of Public Insurance Adjusters and our main responsibility is to protect you and your interests in claims against a loss with your insurance company. We adhere to a strict Code of Ethics and are able to take advantage of the best quality continuing education in the country.  Additionally, as an FAPIA member we have a network of resources to best assist you in handling your insurance claim.

Fred Barns, NY