Public Insurance Adjuster Jupiter, Florida

hurricane-loss-insurance-clFew situations are as stressful for homeowners as having your home damaged in a fire, having a tree crash through the middle of your living room or coming home to find your house can been burglarized or vandalized. The natural reaction in such circumstances is to call your insurance company at once and trust them to make everything right again. However, the reality is often different. Insurance companies work for two masters. Yes, they want to keep you as a satisfied customer, but they are also in business to make money. The conflict arises when what is a fair and equitable settlement is not necessarily a good deal for the insurance company.

Just like you need an attorney to represent your best interests if you are injured in an automobile or other accident, you need an independent party of public insurance adjusters to make sure you get the settlement you deserve if you have a major homeowners insurance claim. That’s where an independent public insurance adjuster, like the professionals at Lightman & Fields can help.

What is a public insurance adjuster?

Public Insurance Adjusters

A public insurance adjuster’s job is to represent the homeowner’s interests in an insurance claim, not the insurance company’s. Since insurance companies are in business to make money, they naturally have an obligation to their shareholders to minimize as much as possible the settlements they pay to homeowners and business owners.

A public insurance adjuster is a professional with similar training as the insurance company’s adjuster, but isn’t bound by the same profit constraints. They can act as a liaison between you and your insurance company as well as independently assess the damage to your property, making sure that nothing gets missed by the insurance company; help collect the necessary data and file the paperwork needed on the claim in a timely manner, so that you get your settlement as soon as possible; additionally, handle the negotiations with your insurance company so you can get back to your work and family obligations.

About Lightman & Fields Public Insurance Adjusters

Lightman & Fields Public Insurance Adjusters have been in business since 1986, helping people in Jupiter and other east-central Florida coast communities get more from their home insurance claims. They offer 24 hour emergency service and specialize in all types of property damage: water damage, flood damage, fire damage and mold and mildew and well as theft and vandalism. They handle commercial, residential and condo association claims.

To get the most from your insurance settlement in Jupiter, let Lightman & Fields help you navigate the paperwork and the claims process. To learn more, call Lightman & Fields at 561 627-3089 or go to our Contact Us page to file a claim online before you go to your insurance company. We will work with you through the insurance claims process and help you get the best settlement offer possible.