Since 1985, Harold Lightman and Alfred Fields have been collectively representing the state of Florida in commercial and personal property damage claim disputes. Coming together in 1997, Lightman & Fields has been diligently working for the rights of claimants to receive equitable and fair compensation for their losses.

Comprehensive Representation

Having worked with both insurance companies and national disaster teams has given Lightman & Fields the unique advantage of understanding the difficult and often long-winded process of filing a claim from both the company’s and the client’s side. It’s an advantage that truly gives Lightman & Fields the edge over other firms, especially in the cases of natural disasters and catastrophic loss, when business and home owners can be easily slighted out of receiving fair compensation by big insurance companies.

Experience with Passion

Our record of experience speaks for itself. Lightman & Fields has extensive experience handling claims on a large scale. In 2004, we handled hundreds of clams for hurricanes Frances and Jeanne, and in 2005, we did the same for victims of hurricanes Wilma, Isaac and Katrina. At Lightman & Fields, we have handled thousands of claims totaling over $100 million; the claims ranged from small residential claims and multi-unit associations to small light businesses and major manufacturing. We have seen it all, we have handled it all, and we have the experience to do the same for you.

Despite the changes that have occurred with insurance laws and procedures over the years, one thing has remained the same at Lightman & Fields: We are passionate about policyholders. We will do our best and give our all to ensure that you receive a fair, rightful settlement.

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