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Newsworthy Notes 2011

Should I hire a public insurance ajuster to help me with my property loss claim?”

“Can hiring a public insurance adjuster really improve my settlement outcome?”

In a word, “YES!” We hear these questions daily and, in addition to satisfied clients, we have statistical data to prove that hiring a Public Insurance Adjuster is clearly in the policy holder’s interest.

Oppaga HeaderIn January 2010, the state of Florida released an audit that compared the Citizen’s Insurance claims settlements of policy holders who used a Public Adjuster to those who chose to file on their own.  The statistics were staggering. The following is an exerpt from that report:

“Policyholders with public adjuster representation typically received higher settlements than those without public adjusters. Policyholders that filed catastrophe claims in 2008 and 2009 generally received larger insurance settlements than policyholders that did not hire these persons. The typical payment to a policyholder represented by a public adjuster was $22,266 for claims filed in 2008 and 2009 related to the 2004 hurricanes (see Exhibit 6). In contrast, policyholders who did not use a public adjuster received typical payments of $18,659. The difference in payments was larger for claims related to 2005 hurricanes, with public adjuster claims resulting in payments that were 747% higher.”

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